Mission, Purpose, Vision

Since 2000, as a family oriented dental practice, Dr. Dowsett and his team at Complete Health Dentistry of Portland has been proud to combine the latest research, diagnostic and treatment techniques in order to give you the information, skills and dental care to live the life you dream of. From new ways of salivary diagnostic testing and screening to novel ways of treating conditions, we can help you understand the relationship between mouth and systemic health. And, most importantly, coach and empower you to take charge of your own health-starting with mothers and children to be and continuing throughout your entire life.

Our Purpose

We are on a mission to build trust and empower our patients to improve their lives.
We are revolutionizing how people think about oral health care.
You have a story to tell; we are here to listen.

We Believe

Health is the foundation for a joyful, rewarding life.
The mouth is the gateway to the body, and health starts here.
True prevention–not just early detection and treatment–is possible and is our primary goal.
And are passionate about educating our patients about their oral health—that their oral health has a significant impact on their overall health.
Our approach to care is different.  Think of us as your family’s physician of the mouth.  We understand how oral health has a significant impact on overall health, and that nutrition, self-care, education, new approaches to diagnosis and therapies all play an interconnected role for a beautiful smile and an enriched life.

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