5 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

5 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Posted by DR. DOWSETT on Nov 25 2021, 04:59 AM

At Complete Health Dentistry of Portland, we like to keep our patients up to date on the latest procedures and all of their options when it comes to seeing the dentist. Sedation dentistry is one of the services that many people are unaware of. It's pretty much what it sounds like: if you're afraid of going to the dentist for any reason, we can provide sedation during your normal cleaning or other procedure to help you relax. 

How Can Dental Sedation Help You?

Sedation dentistry can help you get through any dental procedure, such as root canal therapy, extractions, and dental implants. If you are very nervous, your dentist may suggest sedation for common procedures such as X-rays and cleanings. Even if you're not afraid of going to the dentist, sedation may be beneficial to you.

Why Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Allows You to Complete Many of Your Procedures Quickly

Perhaps the most practical advantage of sedation dentistry is that it allows you to complete several operations at once. 

Less Pain

The dental appointment can be excruciatingly uncomfortable for some people who are naturally more sensitive to having their gums and teeth cleaned. Sedation dentistry can significantly minimize the amount of pain you feel.

Anxiety Is Reduced

Anxiety over going to the dentist is extremely genuine for some people. Sedation dentistry is one method of relieving severe anxiety. Many people claim that even routine cleanings take substantially less time when performed under anesthesia.

You Can Stay Awake

Depending on the patient and the task being done, different amounts of sedation can be employed. It is frequently sufficient to give a mild dose of sedation. This may be sufficient to allow the patient to relax while the work is conducted, but it does not necessitate putting you to sleep. The goal here is to make you comfortable while only utilizing as much sedative as is necessary to have a nice experience.

You Can Improve Your Quality of Life

It might be distressing for many people who suffer from anxiety disorders or simply have a general phobia of the dentist to even have the date of the visit looming over them. People who deal with this may find themselves thinking about the appointment day after day, producing stress and anxiety. This is exacerbated when considerable work is done. By opting for sedation dentistry, you will know that you have a plan in place to address your worries. You'll have something to remind you that everything will be fine.

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