Are Dental X-rays Safe for Kids?

Are Dental X-rays Safe for Kids?

Posted by DR. DOWSETT on Apr 13 2022, 05:25 AM

Dental X-rays are vital to children as they help the dentist to detect any issues hidden beneath the surface of the tooth enamel. To diagnose any dental damage, the dentist recommends X-rays. They are a valuable diagnostic tool that helps the dentist to spot problems beforehand. 

The dentist recommends X-rays for children when they have unanswered questions about the child's teeth even after the clinical examination. They recommend an X-ray to check whether there is enough room in the mouth to fit all the incoming teeth. It is also done to check for early signs of tooth decay, and developmental abnormalities like cysts. 

Are X-rays Safe Enough?

Dental X-rays are much safer for children with the emergence of modern technology. Digital X-rays have replaced old film versions as they emit less radiation. They can also provide computer images that can be edited and manipulated.

The procedures give off very low levels of radiation when performed properly. This is important for children as they need X-ray procedures more often because dentists need to constantly check on their growing teeth. 

The dentist protects other parts of the child's body using a lead covering. It is done because lead aprons block the radiation before it can enter other parts of the child's body. This prevents the child's internal organs from exposure to the radiation without changing the results of the X-ray procedure. 

X-rays are non-invasive and painless, enabling the dentist to catch problems before they become more painful. The dentist makes them safer and more effective by minimizing the number of images taken for each child. This is done to significantly limit the chances of exposure. 

Benefits of Dental X-rays for Children 

Dental X-rays act as a preventive measure that helps to spot issues in the child's mouth before they become a serious problem. X-rays reveal potential issues with the teeth and their neighboring tissue. They also detect problems such as jaw issues, problems with tooth-root, and gum disease. 

Dental X-rays benefit the children as the discovery of the problems is vital for effective treatment. The problems can even go to the extent of threatening the child’s overall health. Therefore, X-rays are necessary to diagnose problems beforehand. 

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