Do I Need a Night Guard?

Do I Need a Night Guard?

Posted by DR. DOWSETT on Jan 21 2022, 07:07 AM

At our clinic in Portland, Oregon, we have many patients coming in with unexplained tooth and jaw pain and soreness accompanied by headaches. This often indicates the existence of a condition known as bruxism.

This condition causes patients to clench and grind their teeth due to stress or other reasons. Dr. David J. Dowsett at Complete Health Dentistry in Portland, Oregon has successfully treated many patients with bruxism using night guards.

If you are concerned about wearing down your teeth while sleeping and are wondering if you need a night guard, read on to learn more.

What Are Night Guards?

Referred to as occlusal guards or bite splints, night guards are simple yet highly effective dental appliances. They are made from either soft or hard safe-to-use plastic material. Night guards are used as protective barriers between your teeth to prevent damage from grinding and clenching.

What Are the Signs You Need a Night Guard?

If you have any of these symptoms, a night guard may fix your problem:

  • Fractured, chipped, or loose teeth
  • Sensitive or painful teeth
  • Dull pressure or pain in the head, especially around the temples
  • Worn-off enamel with discolored or exposed teeth
  • Tightness in the jaw muscles
  • Pain or heaviness in the ears
  • Feelings of rawness on the inside of the cheeks
  • Stiffness or locking in the jaw
  • Disturbed sleep

How Will a Night Guard Help?

This is how a night guard can help:

  • A night guard acts as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. So, even if you grind or clench your teeth while sleeping, your teeth will be safe from damage.
  • They prevent temporal headaches, neck pain, and other discomforts associated with bruxism.
  • They reduce the risk of a locked jaw while sleeping.
  • Night guards relieve jaw pain and stiffness.
  • They reduce sleep-time stress and improve your sleep patterns, which enhances your quality of life.
  • By protecting your teeth from damage, night guards help prevent the need for extensive and expensive dental work later on.
  • If you are experiencing unexplained tooth or jaw pain or any other symptoms of bruxism, call us today for a consultation and treatment for bruxism. We design high-quality, customized night guards for every patient to match their unique bite. 

To know more about night guards and other treatment options for bruxism such as lifestyle changes and exercises, call Complete Health Dentistry of Portland at (503) 253-1262 or visit us at 11765 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97220.

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