Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Posted by DR. DOWSETT on May 19 2021, 08:43 AM

May is here which means it’s Physical Fitness & Sports Month. This month is a gentle reminder that it’s time to get away from the screen and run to the beautiful grassy parks. Getting involved in sport activities like cycling, soccer, or any physical exercise you love can help you stay active and healthy. 

Overall Health and Oral Health 

This National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a good time to take care of your overall health by not only being active, but also by caring for your oral health by following a good oral hygiene regime. Also remember that participating in rigorous activities may also cause unexpected accidents or injuries, resulting in dental trauma or other types of dental injuries.  

How can I protect my teeth and gums during physical activities?

Whether you are out to play in the field or have decided to hit the gym, there are some necessary steps you need to keep in mind to avoid problems for your teeth and gums. Dr. Dowsett recommends:  

  • Don’t skip your oral hygiene: As the warm spring weather blows, most of us get eager to wake up and rush out to exercise, jog, run, etc. But are you forgetting something? Yes, the first thing you should do before leaving is brush, floss, and rinse your mouth. As more and more studies show the connection between oral and overall health, skipping your daily mouth care routine is never a good idea. These hygiene steps help maintain strong teeth and healthy gums by keeping away dental plaque. Removing that bacterial gunk every day can help prevent tooth decay or gum disease and, most importantly, eliminate chronic inflammation--a literal killer that undermines all of those other efforts to be healthy!
  • Avoid sports drinks:Looking around in the sports or fitness venues, you may see plenty of nutritional sports drinks. Even though they claim to be ‘good’ after physical activity, they often contain sugar and acid, which can harm your teeth. Whenever possible stay away from sport drinks and instead, drink the best hydrating drink, water!
  • Wear a Mouthguard:Hitting the gym, playing basketball, kicking a soccer ball, or doing martial arts are all great forms of strenuous physical exercise. But an accidental blow to the face may cause huge damage to your teeth and gums. Mouthguards fitted specifically to your mouth give unmatched protection to those pearly white teeth and pink gums that you have worked so hard to keep healthy!  Not to mention that custom mouthguards are comfortable, can allow better air exchange--yes, BETTER BREATHING and potentially BETTER PERFORMANCE--and can be created with fun designs.  From professionals to weekend warriors to beginners, we have helped hundreds play safer and better.

So--get up, get out and move!  Experience the beauty of springtime in Portland doing something you enjoy! Regular physical activity, combined with a healthy and protected mouth will help chase away some of that winter grey.  Be Healthy. Smile.

 If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Dowsett and Complete Health Dentistry of Portland at or call us (503) 253-1262. We are looking forward to joining you on your journey to optimal health.

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