Common Dental Problems in Children

Common Dental Problems in Children

Posted by DR. DOWSETT on Mar 3 2022, 05:57 AM

Childhood is busy days filled with adventures, explorations, tear-jerking fights, and going through milestones of development. During their growing stages, the child's teeth are still developing, and as a parent, you should provide utmost care to protect their teeth and gums.

Common dental problems in children are diagnosed at their root cause. From this, providing proper treatment can prevent further complications as they grow up. Therefore, a better understanding of common pediatric dental problems helps you to prevent them from developing.

  • Tooth Decay

As we all know, kids are not experts at brushing and flossing without supervision. Also, most of the children are sweet-lovers and like to have a sugar-heavy diet. The sugar would feed harmful bacteria and produce acid that would eat away tooth enamel, until finally affecting the root of the teeth. 

Parents should supervise the child's tooth brushing to ensure the removal of food debris and plaque. Parents should brush along with their children to motivate them and make the session interesting.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

Children may experience tooth sensitivity, with unpleasant stinging and tingling, after eating hot or cold foods. Tooth sensitivity in children is caused by tooth damage, cavities, improper oral hygiene practices, and permanent teeth coming in. Tooth sensitivity can be addressed with good oral hygiene practices, restorative treatment, sensitive toothpaste, and fluoride treatment.

  • Dental Emergencies

Dental accidents may happen to anyone while playing a sport, fighting with siblings, or cycling. This may result in teeth chipping, cracking, or sometimes getting knocked out completely. Seek professional help from a dentist as soon as possible in case of a dental accident.

  • Orthodontic Problems

Many children have misaligned or crooked teeth which affect their smile and confidence. Orthodontic treatment at the right time improves your kid's biting, chewing, and speech. Untreated orthodontic issues result in tooth decay, gum disease, jaw problem, and oral hygiene issues.

  • Dental Anxiety and Phobias

It is not surprising that many of the kids are afraid to visit a dentist for a routine checkup and dental cleaning. The best way to overcome dental anxiety among children is to educate the importance of oral health and make the dental visit relaxed, fun, and enjoyable.

  • Pediatric Gum Diseases

Gum disease in children happens with poor oral hygiene. Seek help from a dentist before the condition becomes worse.

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