Thyroid and Oral Health

Thyroid and Oral Health

Posted by DR. DOWSETT on Jan 5 2021, 01:02 AM

As we near completion of Thyroid Awareness Month this year, we are here to talk about thyroid in connection with dental health. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that bring a balance to the body. When the gland slows down or fastens its productivity more than usual, it can have damaging effects on the body, including oral health.

Oral Health Effects of Thyroid Disorders

If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and you suffer from any of the following conditions, chances are the oral health concern is due to a hormonal imbalance.

The most common oral health effects of thyroid disorders are:

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by an increase in bacterial presence that causes an infection. Damaged or weak gums are always at a higher risk of contracting an infection. Since the thyroid plays a part in the healing process, its malfunction could, thus, be a cause for gum disease.

Dry Mouth

Thyroid diseases can cut down the supply of saliva that helps keep up oral wellness leading to dry mouth. With a lack of saliva, food particles stick to the teeth - increasing the risk of bacteria, cavities, and tooth decay.

Dysgeusia (Loss in the sense of taste)

Dysgeusia is a condition that thyroid patients suffer which alters their sense of taste. Sometimes, the change in flavor is so dramatic that it can have a significant impact on their diet.

Macroglossia (Expansion of tongue)

A consequence of hypothyroidism, Macroglossia, leads to the expansion of the tongue. This can hinder speaking, swallowing, and even breathing, especially at night while asleep. Breathing with the mouth open leads to dry mouth and tooth decay.

Tooth Decay

An after-effect of hyperthyroidism, tooth decay occurs when nutrients are constantly used up by the increase in thyroid activity. Tooth decay results in toothache and tooth sensitivity, molar degradation, jaw pain, etc.

If you experience any of the above-mentioned oral conditions and are not able to find the root cause, the chances are that there could be an underlying thyroid issue. 

If you notice any of these conditions then visit your dentist at Complete Health Dentistry of Portland and discuss the same for quicker treatment resolutions. Please schedule an appointment online or call us at (503) 253-1262 now.

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